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a fourth day of hearings. nbc's jim maceda joins us from london. what can we expect today? >> reporter: good morning, mara. that's right, we may learn in the coming hour if oscar pistorius, that world famous double amputee sprinter will be freed on bail or not. i may because before that happens the prosecution and defense will be making their final argument, and based on the past three or four days that could take all day. not getting bail, mara, would clearly be a blow to pistorius. he and his coach want to get back on the track. they want to prepare mentally for this trial. but also because the momentum seems to be going so much in pistorius' favor especially after yesterday's bombshell when we learned that the lead investigator, the guy laying out the case against pistorius is himself facing seven charges in a case of murder dating back to 2009. now, the defense has already picked apart the investigator's facts to the point that he had to admit that pistorius' story is plausible that he shot and killed the girlfriend, reeva steenkamp by mistake, thinks her an intruder through the ba
. in the story about a half- just beend may have >> this out of london this morning. we go to the live desk for details. researchers in london have the remainsed that they found in a parking lot this man -- king third. the he rolled in the 1400s and is believed to have been the last monarch -- british die in combat. are morning they have found them. they found a skull in the ground. can show you a picture of where it was found. they tested a canadian man who 17th generation of king richard. he tested his dna and it proved to be a match. this morning there will be a press conference later on in london to officially make this announcement. interesting stuff. thank you. in today's tech bytes, a look at the top searches during the super bowl. and facebook celebrating its ninth birthday. i am perez has more. ,in today's tech bite ,earching during the super bowl the gameearch during was for a live stream of the , it wasa and on bing the super bowl and the .lackout on yahoo, it was power outage. top-selling the for thene in the u.s. first time since to the launch of iphone 5. temple run to is offi
here at the tower of london. now, though, 500 years later, he gets a measure of revenge. finally he is the center of attention. for royal historians like sally dixon smith, it's history come alive. >> it's a fascinating murder mystery. all of richard's life. that we can still find archaeology like that and particularly under a municipal car park, i think that's fabulous. >> reporter: the king in the parking lot. history dug up and maybe rewritten. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >>> the u.s. postal service is honoring a civil rights icon on what would have been her 100th birthday. the rosa parks forever stamp was unveiled yesterday at the henry ford museum in michigan. police in montgomery, alabama, arrested parks in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. she passed away in 2005. >>> coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go to midland city, alabama, for the latest on the end of that hostage standoff involving a young boy. >>> plus, the battle over spending cuts scheduled to kick in on march 1. we'll hear from ho
to concerns over the bank's massive 2012 trading debacle. "in light of the london whale, the financial crisis of 2008, the libor crisis, the municipal bid rigging crisis, we think there is a problem with risk management at jpmorgan and we want an independent person running the board on behalf of shareholders." last month, dimon's compensation was cut in half. we reached jp morgan chase, but a spokesman declined comment. banks for a while have been criticized for not lending, but that's changing. commercial loans to business were up 16% in 2012. banks are benefitting from a lot of cash on hand. deposits have surged to $9 trillion, up 29% since 2008. in our cover story, it has been ten years since fire killed a hundred people and injured hundreds more at a rhode island night club, the tragedy made worse, many believe, because the building did not have automatic fire sprinklers. yet even after ten years of trying, the push for more sprinklers has been largely unsuccessful. it resumes next week in congress. when fire erupted at the station, a nightclub in west warwick, rhode island, rob feeney th
future track meets. kelly cobia is in london. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. the lawyers will try to convince the judge this was all a tragic accident. he's charged with premeditated murder and police have reportedly said this case is rock solid. his father says oscar pistorius acted on instinct when he shot his girlfriend thursday firing four times at a person he thought was a burglar. yet cbs news believes reeva steenkamp slept in his bed that night. she was still in her night gown. she was shot once in the bedroom and then she tried to hide in the bathroom. the door was shut. she was shot with her hands over her head. police reportedly found the bloody bat in the house. she interviewed people at the scene of the shooting and says the bat will be crucial at the scene of the investigation. >> we're look at a few scenarios. one is that she was trying to defend herself. there are reports that he abused and assaulted her at first. >> reporter: his family says pistorius is in shock. they met with him over the weekend in the police station in pretoria whe
at the shard, london's highest building. ben fogle joins us there. >> reporter: it's just been joined by this a newer, taller, glassier version, new tower of london, the shard. it's ever changing canvas. you blink and a new building appears. a lot of people look at this and go it's not finished. >> it does tend to look a little unfinished. none the worse for that, it's marvelously visible from all over london. >> reporter: it looks pretty striking from this distance. should we have a look at it from the closer up? >> can't wait. >> reporter: let's go. shall we go up? >> sounds like a good idea. let's go. >> reporter: we're heading to the viewing platform 800 feet above london. >> thank you very much. that's fantastic. >> reporter: what i find amazing, i have lived in london all my life. i've never seen it from this perspective. we've got a 365 view. >> i know. >> famous gerkin i recognize. >> remarkable view of the tower of london, isn't it? >> reporter: in the distance i can see the olympic sites. we have this brand new building, state-of-the art and we've got some of the oldist buil
is in london with that part of the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. these diamonds were stolen from the cargo hold of a passenger plane at brussels national airport as the plane was preparing to take off. the robbers, eight of them wearing masks, dark clothing, and carrying machine guns, cut a hole through the airport security fence at some point last night. then they drove through in two black cars flashed their weapons at police -- at pilots and security guards. then grabbed possibly tens of millions of dollars in diamonds from that plane's cargo hold. they sped off apparently through the same hole in the fence. it was all over within a matter of minutes. they never boarded the plane, and not a single shot was fired. police have found a burned out van near the airport, but little else in the way of clues at this point. investigators do say that the men were dressed to look like police officers and even had blue lights on their cars. charlie, gayle? >> kelly, bold move. do they have any suspects? >> reporter: not as yet. still looking for clues, still
laughlin joins us from london. first off, remind our audience, who was richard iii? >> richard iii was one of the most infamous kings portrayed by shakespeare himself as a vial and twisted villain. he's been accused of murdering both of his nephews in an attempt to keep hold of the throne. and he met his demise in 1485. all the way back in 1485 during what was called the battle of bosworth field. he was killed in action and henry vii were victorious in battle and the burial place of richard iii has long since been forgotten. that is, of course, until now. over 500 years later, a team of archeologists are poised to release their findings as to whether skeletal remains found buried in a parking lot, i new thisp mu niceple parking lot are the remains of richard iii. the media is dubbing it, the king in the parking lot. >> why do they think it is him? was it apparent how he was killed or something that was in that parking lot all these years later? >> so far the evidence that they presented is largely circumstantial. the skeletal remains show signs of trauma, perhaps battle trauma and also sho
and phone were left behind in her hotel room. >>> in london today, man will be in court after breaking through a security barrier at buckingham palace and waving two knives around. the queen was not home and the man's motive is not known. >>> and back here, now, to washington, where the state department will officially welcome its new chief. john kerry took the oath of office at a private ceremony on friday with supreme court justice elena kagan presiding. >>> former mayor ed koch will be laid to rest today in new york. former president bill clinton will deliver a tribute. his ceremony will end with the song "new york, new york." his favorite subway stop will be renamed for him. >> a new york legend for sure. >>> time now for weather from across the country on this monday morning. we have snow showers in the dakotas. snow wraps up from minneapolis to chicago and detroit. spreading later to the ohio valley, jersey, and philly. a wet day from houston and new orleans memphis. showers around seattle. snow in the cascades and northern rockies. >> 40s from salt lake city to boise. 16 in farg
that. >>> a hero of 2012 london olympics, but today, blade runner oscar pistorius broke down in court when murder charges were read against him. he is accused of shooting this woman and killing her, model girlfriend reeva steenkamp at his home inpetoria. he has been in court today for a bail hearing. we have more. >> reporter: oscar pistorius makes his way to the court as he is charged with murder. he spent the day questioned by police, subjected to standard blood tests after a night spent in jail. it's an incredible fall from grace for a man dubbed the blade runner. born with a disability that left wimp without legs below the knees, oscar pistorius would overcome incredible odds to become the first double leg amputee to complete in the olympics. a stabbedout star of the london games last year. nike signed him, as did oakly and a british telecom, seen as a stellar example of perseverance. now all of that is in question. in the early morning hours, police responded to calls from pistorius' neighbors that mult he pelt shots were shot in his mansion. his new girlfriend, reeva steenkamp,
being filed against him in the u.s. he spoke from the embassy in london where he was granted asylum in june. his supporters in australia have put his name in the run for the senate. >>> pope benedict is behind closed doors for traditional lenten prayer. thousands gathered yesterday to say goodbye to the pope. he will host his last blessing next sunday followed by a nine general audience on february 27th, the day before he officially steps down. >>> an amazing fact about friday's meteor strike in russia. shockwaves were felt by nuclear sensors halfway around the world. friday's mid-air explosion over central russia had the force of 30 hiroshima nuclear bombs. more than half of the glass that was broken has been replaced. several so-called meteor pieces are already on sale on ebay, but as the saying goes, buyer beware. >> 1 million square feet of glass shattered when that hit. >> that is incredible. i need to go to my backyard and get some rocks. >> some meteor rocks. >> of course. let me clarify. >>> just a week after getting slammed by that monster blizzard, parts of the northeast a
was i twitter about it, all very odd. a bunch of bones. >> it's five minutes to 9:00 in london at the moment in the evening as they pass supertime. it's -- >> the bbc9:00 news is no doubt leading on the butt stabbing skeleton. >> i like it. so six minutes from now people in england will be switching over to get their fill of butt stabbing. >> i think they probably well. what better thing to do at 9:00 p.m. on a monday night. >> than butt stabbing? oh. we'll be back. >> there's been a new series of high profile cyberattacks and it's posting the united states to take stronger measures on cybersecurity. hackers reportedly hacked the energy department, one that compromised the personal information of several hundred
leader in 30 years. >>> now to london that is where scientists unveiled a until dollar man. that is how much it costs to create this bionic man named rex. he has a working heart lungs and even a human face. amazing. >> thank you, heather. if you thought we would see unemployment below 7 percent soon, think again. the congressional budget office letti releasing a new report for the fiscal outlook in ten years. here's what the ceo director had to say. >> under current bau we expect the unemployment rate to remain above 7 and a half percent. it would be the 6th year with unemployment so high the longest period in 70 years. >> what does this mean for our economy? diane macedo has more. >> if the ceo's latest predictions are right they set a record for 2013 for the longest period of high unemployment since the great depression. that's because the office expects the economy to grow 1.4 percent thanks in part to the expiration of the bush tax cuts and automatic spending cuts currently set to kick in in march. debt is expected to remain historically high relative to the economy. by 2023 current
's customers. couldn't be happier. >> gardener's owner says he bought insurance from lloyds of london. >> i am still almost speechless with excitement. >> this is actually the third year gardeners has offered this. the first two were for the opening kick off. with the ravens playing it was whenever they got the ball at the start of the game or second half. >> everybody went nuts that jones made this incredible run back. and there was a hush and about 10 seconds later, they went oh, boy we know somebody who is up the creek and started pointing at me and laughing at me. okay. it was worth it. couldn't be happier. >> sure is something he'll remember in baltimore bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> and now we take you live to bwi sarah good marshal airport where the ravens have just landed. there's the delta charter plane trying to make its way to the gate. the ravens celebrating a second superbowl championship. what a thrilling win and as scott said a few minutes ago, the victory parade kick off is tomorrow morning starting at 10:45 and ends at the m and t bank stadium. then a big celebration from inside
olympian in the 2012 london olympics. >> we are a division of nbc news. we launched in june 2009. we wanted to do something where each year we celebrate african-american history month in a different way, looking forward. we always honor our past, but we also want to honor the folks who are coming forward today, who will be doing great things in the years to come. >> this suspect just a list that affects african-americans. it affects all americans. >> absolutely. president obama talks about citizenship. you can't find a list of better citizens, people who are actually, you know, really making sure that children have better education, that there's health awareness, who are actually volunteering, going into service for our country. so this list is really about 100 americans who just happen to be black. >> let's talk about the young woman sitting here, leah neale. besides the obvious, the medals around her neck, what is it about her that made you want to put her on this list? >> she's obviously very well accompli accomplished, won a bronze at the last olympics. we also see she's going to have a
has breaking news. good morning. >> eun, this breaking news out of london. a 500-year-old mystery, has it been unlocked in archeologists are saying a test on a skull found in a parking lot makes a "highly convincing case" that it is the remains of the king or king richard iii. the big announcement as researchers get ready to confirm whether or not a skeleton exhumed last september are indeed the remains of the king. the remains were dug up from the same place historians say he was buried after dying in battle. dna t nchlt achlna tests are be. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. >>> don't look now. gas prices are on the rise again. the national rise up .17 from a week ago to $3.52. d.c. drivers paying $3.70, 0.13 more than a week ago. virginia is the heapest. paying $3.40. a yum of 14 cents. maryland has seen a hike of 15 cents. the average $3.54 a gallon. in west virginia, drivers paying 15 cents more than a week ago. >>> if you commute from loudoun county today, you have new options on the table. the goose creek village park and ride opens this morning in belmont ridge. from there,
it or not. >> in london, there is a new phone-hacking scandal at a tabloid already brought down by hacking. we're talking about rupert murdoch's old newspaper "news of the world." six former staffers have now been arrested, accused of listening to people's private voice mails. the victims have not been identified in this case. now, police say the incidents happened somewhere between 2005, 2006, that is around the same time "news of the world" was implicated in a much bigger hacking scandal involving crime victims, celebrities, even the royal family. actor matt damon is on strike, not from hollywood, but from the bathroom. >> until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, i will not go to the bathroom. yeah? >> what? >> i'm not going to go to the bathroom. >> whoa. >> yeah, go ahead. >> do you mean literally, like you won't go to the bathroom but you'll go somewhere else. like maybe a swimming pool? >> you're the reporter, you do the math. >> november 19th -- >> that's so funny. damon created -- it's a fake news conference, of course. he's trying to draw attention to a big proble
london games. they found the banned drugs in a recent search of his home. >> gretchen: i would think before you compete in the olympics doesn't everybody have to submit to testing? >> they must have a lot of information on the case so far. >> and they take away the medals for steroids or for murder. >> that is what it sounds like. >> your headlines, something right out of a movie, eight armed men pull off a multi million dollar jewelry heist in buries eggs. they drove on to the tarmac up to a swiss plane about to take off. they flashed their guns and broke into the cargo hold swiping $50 million worth of diamonds and then drove off in minutes. police haven't found any sign of the thieves or the jewels yet. >> steve: meanwhile, more than a thousand people part of a petition urging the obama administration to downgrade the new medal for drone operators. department of it is is distinguished warfare medal honors drone pilots and others who have not served on the battlefield. many veteran groups the medal is considered a higher honor than the bronze star or purple heart. both of those rec
in that abbey in london across from the parliament where many royal burials and indeed royal weddings as we know have been held. but it has already been decided that richard will be reentered at the anglican cathedral in lester about 200 yards from where the skeleton was found. it will be done at a memorial service not a funeral because he's already had a funeral 500 years ago, a pretty hasty one. and that will take place early next year and will be accompanied by the opening of a visitors' center in the grounds of the cathedral which will no doubt be a major tourist draw. >> ifill: john burns of the "new york times," thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure, gwen. fill: you can read more >> ifill: read more about the d.n.a. analysis that helped to uncover this mystery on our science page. >> brown: finally tonight, short >> brown: now, to another in our series on the nation's high school dropout crisis, told this time through a different lens: good teachers can help keep kids in school, but how can schools hold on to their top teachers? hari is back with a report for our "american graduate" projec
. stopped by an addiction treatment center in london. she met with women recovering from alcohol and drugs. the last time the duchess was seen in public was january 11th at a portrait unveiling. you remember at the time people thought she didn't look so good in the portrait. o
hours to protest job cuts. reporters mounted picket lines outside of the bbc's central london studios. programs went on, but many shows were disrupted. the union says poor decisions taken by the bbc leadership are leading to quality journalism being compromised. now some 2,000 jobs are at risk and 7,000 jobs have been cut since 2004. the bbc said in a statement the union's actions are disappointing but that it doesn't change the fact that the corporation must make savings targets that will require job cuts. >> maker's mark bourbon won't be watered down after all. the liquor maker announced it is reversing its decision to add water to its bourbon. the move was to help keep up with global demand. but, after hearing the outrage, maker's mark said starting today-- it will resume full-strength bourbon production. reader's digest's parent company has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in less than 4 years. the publisher of the 91- year-old magazine, filed for bankruptcy to cut $465 million in debt and focus on north american operations as consumers shift from print to electronic media
in london. you may not know the name or face, but you know his work. he was the makeup genius behind "star wars." he passed away at the age of 98. had a six decade career in film. he did "2001 space odyssey," but his claim to fame was "star wars" and george lucas said he was already a legend in the business before he came to the set of "star wars." but just wanted to note that passing and send thoughts and love to the family. but everyone loves "star wars." >> absolutely. an incredible man, incredible work. >>> justin bieber has become the first artist with five number one albums before his 19th birthday. >> wow, before 19. >> before he hit 19, this man has -- this boy, this teenager has five number one albums on the billboard 200. "believe acoustic" tops the list with 211,000 copies sold. but great success and great tragedy, if you can call it tragedy. he's never been nominated for a grammy. >> i don't think tragedy is the word. >> i can't think of a word. great success comes great -- a little bit less success. >>> also, apparently the mandela family, they're jumping into the reality tv g
skull reconstruction surgery in london over the weekend. >> i can also walk a little bit, i can talk and i'm feeling better and it doesn't seem that i had a very big operation. my mission is the same, to help people and i will do that. >> she also announced the malala fund, supporting her campaign for the right to education for children around the world. >>> here's a good reason for people to stay home from work when they're sick. your sick co-workers' germs spread to half of the most commonly touched surfaces in the office. you didn't want to hear that. that was after about four hours, according to a new study by the university of arizona. the germs were spread to 70% of surfaces by the end of the day. >>> a super windfall for new orleans. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. they're tallying up the numbers but looks like a big windfall. >> this city has obviously been really hoping for a big economic boost from the super bowl although the power outage may not help its reputation going forward. nonetheless, tallying up the numbers, we're not completely tallied up yet,
. >> big news for a lot of people. joining us is max foster in london. they obviously had to do dna, there were other things involved. this is a very detailed investigation, wasn't it? they weren't sure. >> reporter: it's an incredible story. you talk about shakespeare, he painted this awful picture of a villain, didn't he? what's interesting, there's a big group of enthusiasts who thought shakespeare got it wrong and richard iii was a good buy. they are behind this whole process. they sat out on this mission to find his grave as a process to rebuild his reputation. and what's extraordinary, they did actually find these bones under a car park in lester, and the bones had this withered back, twisted spine. richard iii was famous for being a hunch back and having a withered arm. he did have a hunch back. that is where they got excited. they asked the local university to try to get some dna from these bones. which they did manage to do. but that was only part of the puzzle. they had to identify a modern day descendant and they managed to find one, a carpenter based in london, 17th gene
might have a shot to reclaim the post. amy kellogg following this story live from london. >> reporter: he is creeping closer. the recent poll showed that he is still throw trailing the frontrunner who is a former communist, jon, by about five points. given the fact that he presided over italy's economic decline nor a significant amount of time, and all of the embarrassment that he caused many italians with the parties and all the trials, some say it's quite remarkable that he is still going strong. silvio berlusconi is in fact the consummate performer and a number of highly theatrical tv appearances in the past month or so helped him close the gap in the polls. here he is turning the tables, or the chair in this case on those who try to dish the dirt on him e. turns his tv interrogator into the dirty one wiping off the chair that the man who challenged him sat in. what is it about the 76-year-old billionaire italians love so much? some say they see something of themselves in him. others say he's popular because he is the anti-politician and arguably politically incorrect. there are th
-hour surgery on london to reconstruct her skull and help restore her lost hearing. for more than sick years, a portrait of jesus has hung in middle school, along with other well-known and important people in history. but that may be ending. the freedom from religion and the aclu says it violates the first amendment and wants to take it down. hiram, what have you been able to tell the school about the demand that the portrait of jesus has to go? >> well, we have been asked by the school district to do a report and recommendation. one of the things that we found out is that, you know, this is the back bone of america, jackson, ohio. these are hard-working fireworks and they have been part of building america. they sent a lot of people overseas in world war ii and just afterwards, they were experiencing a lot of the hope and the -- and -- and looking towards a better future, post world war ii and one of the members of the christian club there in 1947, who was going to be the valedictorian, frank rice, he died of leukemia. that was t club put the jesus portrait up in the school. they hung it up
of london to pull into a port around the world and nobody is letting them in. at the end of their own presidential elections in june where they have their own internal strife like our presidential elections where things don't happen until after the election, you will see them with more, i think more effort coming to negotiations with the united states. i can't tell you we are going to be successful. >> tell me what you think is more likely, holding direct talks with iran or a direct military strike on iran's new class? >> you are kind of asking me sort of like when i proposed to my wife. i thought she was going to say yes, but she said no. i kept at it. >> okay. >> we persisted. something came about. i think it's more likely it will be successful. i can tell you with assurance this, alex. militaries can stop the problem. we can't fix them. the best military assessment, if we were to strike iran and we should never take the military option off the table if we consider the benefits are worth the cost, we could, at best, slow the program for four years. it would take hundreds upon hundre
appearance since 2010. >>> meanwhile in london, police are trying to figure out why a man broke through a security line outside buckingham palace. you see him there waving two knives, holding one to his throat. police finally able to subdue him with a taser gun. he's expected in court later today. >>> also this morning, scientists confirm that remains found under a parking lot in england are, in fact, those of king richard iii, who died in battle some 500 years ago. dna tests prove that the skeleton is that of the so-called hunch-back king, known for his cruelty. a church had once stood on the location. >>> finally, the daughter of boxing legend muhammad ali said that her father is doing just fine. in fact, to knock down tabloid reports that his health is failing, the family showed the greatest rooting on his ravens during the super bowl last night. and like the ravens themselves, he is one happy champ this morning, guys. >> okay, josh, thank you very much. >>> sam is in your seat with the weather. >> a little bit of a food coma still from last night. let's get to the video. we'll show
. >>> joe biden is in london for a meeting with david -- david cameron. the visit is the last type on biden's european tour which also included france and germany. >>> former governor jeb bush will be in the bay area. he's scheduled to speak at the paramount theater. this is part of the oakland speaker series. some analysts consider him a possible candidate for the presidential presidential nomination -- presidential nomination in 2016. >>> ihop is searching free pancakes for a good cause -- serving free pancakes for a good cause. ihops want customers to come in and enjoy a short stack of pancakes but in exchange they want you to make a donation for the children's miracle network hospital which includes oakland's network hospital. >> you may have to wait a little bit to get your free shortstack but we'll get it to you. >> the restaurant hopes to match last year's $3 million that was raised. pancakes will be given out until 10:00 tonight. >>> one of the biggest natural frozen foodmakers in the company is about to open a fast food restaurant in sonoma county. amy's kitchen just bought the lan
of what happened the nice she died. kelly cobiella is in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. pistorius will be back in court tomorrow and his lawyers will likely try to convince a judge this is all a tragic accident. prosecutors will pursue a charge of premeditated murder and police have reportedly said the case is rock solid. his father says oscar pistorius acted on instinct when he shot his girlfriend thursday firing four times at a person he thought was a burglar. yet cbs news has learned that police believe reeva steenkamp slept next to pistorius that night in his bed. she was still in her nightgown. she was shot once in the bedroom, then tried to hide in the bathroom. three more shots were fired through the door hitting her as she covered her head with her hands. shock over the shooting has turned to obsession. tabloid papers are filled with unconfirmed reports and rumors -- talk of steroids alcohol, arguments, and a bloody cricket bat. police reportedly found it in the house. mandi weiner of south africa's eyewitness news has interviewed
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